Andrew Cheng, BSc (Hon), CHI

Andrew studied Town Planning at University of Cardiff Institute of Science and Technology in the UK and spend 21 years in Hong Kong as a housing planner before coming back to Canada in 2011. He obtained his home inspection certificate at Seneca College in Spring 2013 and started his own inspection company in June 2013 before joining Superior Home Inspectors in 2017.

Andrew is a gentle and cheerful person. He has high standard of care to clients and attention to details in inspection. All these are matched with Superior Home Inspectors vision and mission.

Andrew joined the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) as a reserve army in 1990. The Regiment was disbanded in 1995 because of the return of sovereignty in 1997. He is now a member of RHKR Royal Hong Kong Regiment Volunteers Association (Ontario).

Andrew also practicing and teaching Chinese Kung Fu in his spare time as a mission to spread the arts. He is the Vice-chairman of the Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu (Martial Arts) Federation since 2012.