About Us

Superior Home Inspectors are an experienced and professional team who work with realtors and their clients to remove the fear or concerns of the condition of a home.

Before Superior Home Inspectors opened its doors in 2010, owner and founder, Robert Kin worked as an IT auditor for a major Toronto-based corporation. This meant that in his thirties at the time, he spent most of his days – 60-80 hours per week – in an office and away from his family. In his heart he knew something had to change when he realised that opportunities for career growth were dwindling, and most importantly, he wasn’t making a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives the way he wanted to.

So, he quit his day job and became a certified home inspector, instead. He realised that with his masterful skills in streamlining complicated processes, creating work efficiencies, and his desire to give back, a home inspection business would be the perfect match. It allowed him time to spend breakfast with his children, and gave him the opportunity to help people when they were making the biggest decision in their lives – buying or selling their home.

Superior Home Inspectors was founded on the fundamental principal of helping new realtors, homebuyers, or sellers identify concerns before they become expensive ones.

Today, Superior Home Inspectors has grown into a diverse team of four highly dedicated, fully certified, technically accomplished home inspectors. Together, Robert Kin, Lisa Simkins, Yuri Dolnycky, and Andrew Cheng are known in the real estate industry for their expertise, their humility, their thoroughness, their technical know-how, and their gracious patience.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, Superior Home Inspectors’ thorough and reliable inspection reports, advice on mold prevention, and knowledge of proper home maintenance has helped its clients sell properties faster than the market average. Crucially, they bring peace of mind to buyers and sellers at a time when they need it most.

Superior Home Inspectors always encourages its clients, especially new realtors, to accompany them during home inspections so they can educate themselves on best practices, and gain learned insights about structural issues so they can conduct their own inspections when required.

The Team

Robert Kin, B.A., RHI, NCH CAHPI

Registered Home & Inspector

Lisa Simkins, B.E.S, CET, RHI

Registered Home
& Mold Inspector

Yuri Dolnycky, CHI

Certified Home Inspector

Andrew Cheng, CHI

Certified Home Inspector

Tommy DeAcetis

Certified Home Inspector