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Welcome the the Superior Blog.

Our monthly blog will post many interesting topics and discussions.

Superior Blog

Wow, Robert, your report is so thorough, methodical and helpful.

This marks the second time you have helped us to assess our home. The first was when we sold our previous home and you created an expedited and frank assessment that assisted us to sell very quickly and trouble free. Now you have helped us to understand the needs of our new home so that we can plan our maintenance effectively.

We greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into the inspection and we are impressed that you offered to come back in the Spring to follow up. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and we wish you continued success.

Bob, Toronto

Hello Robert,

Thank you for helping us with the home inspection and providing the detail information.  As a new home owner all this information is very valuable.  Thanks.

Sweety and Chintan, Brampton

Thank you Robert. It was also nice to meet you.

In terms of feedback, I found you very easy to talk to and felt comfortable asking questions, and with your answers.

I have only had one home inspection done before, and I can easily say yours (both the verbal and written report) is far more methodical, comprehensive and thorough.

As a bonus, I learnt a few things along the way. Thank you again - the few hours never seemed like a task, but were quite absorbing.

Mandrake, Brampton

Thank you Robert for your thorough and engaging inspection of our future home. Wendy and I are happy with the report and all the tips you provided to maintain the home for years to come.

Spiro and Wendy, Vaughan


Thanks, very professionally done.

Tracy, Mississauga

I would highly recommend Robert and Superior Home Inspectors to those looking to buy or sell a house. His rates were competitive and his service was beyond expectation. He was extremely thorough, not just in compiling the home inspection report, but also in explaining the process as he went along, allowing you to learn a lot along the way. In fact, I would recommend a visit by Robert even for those who currently own their house but don't plan on selling any time soon. He provides a very comprehensive laundry-list of maintenance projects that many of us would have overlooked in our day-to-day life, helping to avoid bigger problems down the road. Robert has a friendly demeanor and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

Michael, Oakville

Hello Robert:

Thank you so much for your patience and expertise yesterday.
I learned a lot from you!

The report is great, very thorough and unbiased.
I enjoyed seeing you with all your fancy equipment yesterday, like the infrared light and your special attic mask.

I have now satisfied myself with the plane issue.

We hope to have you come to the house sometime this summer in a non-professional capacity.

Lucie, Toronto

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for your time and your services; what an extremely thorough and educational report!

Thanks! Julia & Gil

Hi Robert

I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job on the home inspection! It really was a pleasure to interact with you during the inspection. You really showed us you value your customers.  You are very professional and knowledgeable in your craft, we really learned a lot from you! Thanks again!

Gil, Toronto

Dear Robert:

"We first became acquainted with  Superior Home Inspectors when we were reviewing the documentation for a house we were interested in on Monarch Park Drive. Robert Kin was the inspector that had been hired by the seller. We found the inspection report to be of exceptional quality. We were impressed by the level of detail and by the clear documentation of issues that need to be addressed, especially the pictures. We asked for Robert to be our inspector for the house we eventually bought and were very happy with the walk through that he provided, pointing out both positive and negative aspects of the house. We were especially grateful for the assessment of what had to be dealt with immediately and what could be watched for later attention. The final report was, as we expected, extremely complete and well documented. We would gladly recommend Robert and his company to any of our friends and relatives."

Tim, Toronto

“Robert is an awesome Home Inspector.  He’s very professional and extremely thorough.  At the same time he is very friendly and a down to earth nice guy.  What’s important is that he also takes the time to explain the items that can be easily remedied as well as major items that could be a red flag or need immediate attention to avoid other problems.  And he’s honest and doesn’t hold anything back; I like that!”

Werner, Toronto

Robert was a pleasure to work with.  Extremely thorough and knowledgeable he took the time to explain to me the relevance of all of his findings in a manner which was easy to understand and enabled me to determine which issues were the most significant.  I’m particularly impressed that he was prepared to have me join him at very short notice at a ridiculously early time on a Sunday morning so that together we could meet the tight deadline in my purchase offer.  I would be delighted to act as a reference for anybody considering using Superior Home Inspectors.

Neil, Toronto

Hi Robert,
We were delighted to meet you too!  You gave us a thorough report of our first and new home.  We appreciate your time and patience in explaining to us the things that we need to know as a homeowner. You wasted no know time in inspecting the house.  We are happy to hear the positive feedback from your inspection.  I am grateful that you offer that we can contact you anytime we have questions.
We will not hesitate at anytime to refer you to our friends and family.
Thank you! Jay & Joy, Mississauga

Hi Robert

It was a pleasure meeting you too. The home inspection was better than I expected. I could learn a lot of new things that will be very helpful. I am glad I could be there.

Thanks, Rafael, Milton

Thank you so much for your prompt report.   Your attention to detail in inspecting the house was impeccable.  Thanks for taking your time educating us.  You were a pleasure to work with.

Lorelei, Richmond Hill

Wow Robert! I’ve compared your report to others and I must say I am impressed with the presentation and content of your report. This serves to be very useful and will undoubtedly serve as a great reference tool for future review and usage.

I would certainly refer your business.

Thank you once again!

Christina, Toronto

Hi Robert,

I didn't get a chance to get back to you on this.  I didn't realize the report would be this extensive.  It's very impressive. Easy to understand with wonderful pictures.

Andy, Brampton

Got the inspection report Robert thanks again.

Your inspection was thorough and professional and I would feel more than confident passing your name on to anyone looking for a home inspection!

Dean, Toronto

Thanks for the report. It is thorough and nicely presented. My wife and I appreciated your comments along the way. By proceeding with most, if not all of the recommendations, at this time, we should have many years of enjoyment there.

Wilf, Mississauga

Hi Robert!

Got the report. thank you.

Thank you so much for the very thorough home inspection on Saturday. I appreciate the time and care you put into your work. I learned much more than I expected and the infrared camera blew me away. I told 5 people that day about it and they were all in awe. I have already recommended you to one colleague who bought their house without an inspection, and will refer as many as I can.

Yafa, Toronto

I just reviewed your Inspection Report.

It is very thorough and precise. I truly was impressed by your high degree of professionalism.

Thank you for your work. I shall recommend you to friends who require home inspection services.

John, Etobicoke

Hi Robert,

First and foremost, thank you so much for the thorough inspection and your patience in walking us through everything. your extra explanation on some basic maintenance tips will be very helpful to us as first time buyers. I was expecting my head to spin by the end of it all but that was not the case; you were great in going through simple stuff and it made us confident that we just need to be diligent and learn how to maintain this house step by step.

Thanks very much, Robert… we really appreciate it.

Cheryl, Toronto

Good morning Robert,

It was a pleasure meeting you too!

Thank you for providing the report in such a timely manner!  Wow, this is a very detailed report, thank you for identifying all the items that need to be looked after, it certainly will make it a lot easier for us when we move in, knowing what needs to be done.

Sophie, Brampton

I wanted to thank Robert Kin of Superior Home Inspectors, for his outstanding service he provided for us during a home inspection.  We were blown away right from the start with his professionalism and respect.  He was very detailed in what he was going to do for us and he delivered more than we expected.  He was very precise, explained everything in a way my wife and I could understand.  Being a person who likes to fiddle around the house he was very outgoing with this and showed me around and explained to me some things I never knew and what to be aware of.  His detailed analysis that we received right away, was very accurate and great for someone like me who is very detailed oriented.  I can't believe the other inspectors I've had in the past weren't even doing half of what Robert had done for us.  

I have recommended Robert Kin to my family and friends and I know they'll come back thanking me.  

Travis, Mississauga

Thank you Robert, the report looks great. I appreciated your time and insights - some nice added value that i was not expecting.

Jeff, Toronto

Thank you very much for the incredible and thorough inspection you did the other day. You are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Would you be okay with me putting you on my list of recommended inspectors for my clients?

Michael, Markham

Hi Robert :)

We received the reports on Sunday and we were both quite impressed with it. You did an amazing job with the inspection and the report was very thorough. Thank you so much.

Tara & Jarvis, Oakville

Hi Rob,

I acknowledge receipt of the report and receipt.   Will sign scan and send back to you tomorrow.

The initial report is very detailed and more than what I had expected based on previous experience. Your professionalism and attention to detail leaves no rock unturned. A definite A1 quality service and would not hesitate to recommend you.

Thanks again for taking on this inspection on short notice

Take care and talk to you soon.

Phil, Mississauga

Robert is a very knowledgeable inspector and takes the time to explain what he is inspecting and why he is inspecting certain items as we went along. He is very thorough and addresses all concerns even if they are minor so they do not develop into larger problems. He is very enthusiastic and approachable and I am very happy that I chose him as my home inspector. He provided me with a detailed summary of the inspection with written descriptions and photos using the infra red camera. I would highly recommend him as your next home inspector!

Brianne, Ajax

Hi Robert

Thanks again for everything. What we learned from you is invaluable knowledge!

Redmonds, Vaughan

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sending such a thorough report!

We really appreciate your service and the time you took to explain everything to Paul. He has definitely learned a lot!

Silvia, Toronto


Thank you very much for all your help, you were just wonderful! I just used this report today to help me fill out a questionnaire for building insurance.

I do not think I could have picked a better person for this job, I can definitely see why Lorena recommends you. I strongly appreciate the extensive time you took explaining and teaching me about the problem areas in my house. No detail was left unnoticed, as shown in person and threw your report. I would recommend you to anyone I know and will continue to use your services in the future.

Alicia, Hamilton

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for the Inspection Report.

I just went over it and am really impressed with the work you have done. It's very thorough and I appreciate the details and pictures.

I would like to confirm when you would suggest we fix the grading. We will be moving in the beginning of December and I'm not sure how much can actually be done during the winter time.

Thiago also mentioned you had some contacts to do the window caulking/tree trimming around the house. Could you please send those to us so we could possibly get a quote? Do you think it's possible to have these services done in the winter time or is it ok to wait until Spring/Summer?

Carina, Brampton

Hi Robert

Thank you for the report as well as all the additional information. I am 100% happy with you and will gladly do business with you in the near future.

Terrence, Vaughan

 Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your work on the inspection. It was very informative and we really appreciate all your recommendations.

Hashim and Alana, Stony Creek

Thank-you very much Robert. I was very pleased with your thoroughness and service and will not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Garnet, Brampton

Robert was able to fit me in on short notice, arrived exactly on time, was thorough in his inspection, and followed through on everything he said he would do. The Infra-red camera option was VERY useful and helped identify a few key issues in the home. The final report was detailed and covered everything discovered in the inspection with recommendations. I will recommend his services to friends and family and hire him again in the future

Daniel, Toronto

Just wanted to let you know that our offer was accepted - and we got the house!!

We’re thrilled, and just want to thank you for the very thorough job you did in the home inspection.  We all learned a lot and the report will be very helpful in knowing what we should do right away on the maintenance side.
Thank you!

Joanne, buyer

We're really happy to have worked with you.

Laurie and Domi - Owners

Thank you for the report and photgraphs. It was very helpful in completing our Tarion Warranty form.

Permpreet,  Condo Owner

"Lisa did a pre-sale inspection report for my client and was very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. She provided the report and updates in a very timely manor which was much appreciated, given our tight deadlines. The report was clear, concise and well organized and she reviewed it with us ensuring all our questions were answered. I would definitely recommend Lisa's work."

Just looking this over again at the items that we may want to take care of before listing. I'm not too concerned with most ( this is a very good inspection report compared to the many I have seen).

Christy, Agent

I've got the report, looks good, I am going to have a busy summer.

I would like to say that I appreciated your quick response with the report and follow up phone call.   There were numerous issues that I would not have found without your help.

Paul, Buyer

Nice meeting you yesterday and I will definitely use your services in the future.

Thank you,

Martine, agent

I want to thank Lisa for completing the inspection on my newly purchased condominium.  I found her to be very pleasant to deal with and she was very thorough in her work.  She took the time to explain her approach to the inspection and also to walk us through each room to explain her findings.  Overall she was a pleasure to work with.

Kevin, buyer

Lisa did a lengthy inspection of our house after a leaky roof caused damage to the attic.  After reading her detailed and well-written website, we decided to have a preventive inspection done, so that we could find out if there were any other problems and plan for repairs.  Her inspection really was meticulous, obviously knowledgeable, and her report was clear and well illustrated with many photos.  She found things I never would have thought of, and explained them clearly.

I would happily recommend her to anyone wanting an honest, professional evaluation of their property.  And she's a really nice person, too!

Marg, Owner

Thanks again for your inspection. To me it appeared to be quite thorough and it was helpful in making my decision.

Dan, Buyer

Thxs so much for the info on the aluminum wiring and the incredibly thorough inspection conducted.

Have a great day.


It was great meeting you and I appreciated how thorough you were!  I have received the report and the invoice.

Thanks again for your inspection - this is helping greatly in preparing me to move in!

Stephanie, buyer