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Hmmm…what’s that smell?

With the holiday season fast approaching, life is probably busy and stressful. If you’re like most, you’re wondering what to buy? What are we going to eat? What are we going to do? Where to go? … and we haven’t even talked about the children.

Busy is normal. Normal is Busy. It’s also normal to forget about the non-festive obligations. How about house maintenance? Interested….likely not!

Should you? DEFINITELY!

During the winter seasons there are dramatic changes in temperature from negative double digits to above zero temperatures and therefore building materials will contract and expand. This can cause gaps within the foundation walls and ground to open up and causing leaks into basement areas. Further the weeping tiles might have cracked and water has the potential of sitting against the foundation.

If leaks occur, then surrounding materials will likely deteriorate. Drywall will become soft and clumpy, vinyl tiles might peel and lift, wood materials will stain and the surface will become soft while carpet will simply smell. A likely mustiness will fill the air. If you see leopard spots on a surface then chances are you have mold. There is a health hazard present. It only takes up to 48 hours for mold to develop.

What do you do?

If mold has yet to develop but a leak is visible. Go through the following steps:

  • Dry the area out. Use a towel. Leaks will likely continue until the temperature drops below zero.
  • Remove all objects in the compromised area.
  • Use a dehumidifier.
  • After leaking has stopped, one should be calling a home inspector who has an infrared camera to help determine where leaks may be coming from. An infrared camera can help identify where leaks or water pooling exist
  • After an Inspector has defined where the leak(s) may be coming from, a waterproofing company will be needed. A few waterproofing companies should be called to help cover the foundation walls with waterproofing barriers and ensure water drains properly away from the house.
  • Make sure warranties are signed and dated

If mold is less than a foot in size,

  • Then the area can be treated with Concrobium or Benefect Solutions. These are anti-mold solutions that can help kill 99% of the mold.
  • If the mold is expansive then a Mold Inspector and Mold Remediator will be needed.
  • Once this is completed, the Home Inspector and Waterproofing Company can follow.

So don’t despair if a leak occurs. It is normal for both old and new homes. Chances are the waterproofing in older homes might have deteriorated with time. It’s time for a replacement barrier.

The key here is to do a thorough walkthrough of your basement. If one neglects to do so and a leak occurs and water fills your basement, the costs and hazards can rise.

Just remember …no smell in the basement is a good a thing!

..Now back to shopping.

Happy Holiday Season! from Superior Home Inspectors

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