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During our home inspections, we see a number of minor issues that are very common. These are categorized as “Marginal” items in our reports. This is stuff that is not a safety issue or serious deficiency, rather they are smaller maintenance items, that left uncared for, will eventually contribute to deterioration of the home’s condition.

Often, buyers will notice these as well. When you add them up, they can make the home seem a little shabby and less well cared for.

In our mission to identify concerns before they become expensive ones, we want to help home sellers take care of these items before a buyer or their home inspector sees them!

Here’s what you can address; and remember this list is very handy for all owners as well.


  • Replace any caulking that is worn, split or has gaps,
  • Make sure all sinks have an effective plug,
  • Run and clean jet tub/whirlpool system,  
  • Clean fan grills


  • Replace any worn caulking around countertop
  • Clean vent fan grease filter
  • Make sure all appliances are operational
  • Ensure all drawers/cabinet hardware is in good condition


  • Make sure doors latch easily
  • Ensure doors have door stops to prevent doors from hitting walls, etc.
  • Should not rub or jam


  • Should open and close easily
  • Locks should work
  • Screens intact


  • Washing machine supply hoses should be metal flex, not rubber.   Rubber hoses are vulnerable to bursting when older.
  • Make sure dryer vent duct does not have any holes.  Replace/reseal as required.   If any plastic type duct is damaged, replace it with metal ducting.
  • Clean dryer vent on outside wall and make sure it is intact.   It should have a flap that closes when no air is coming out.


  • Ensure all breakers are labeled with locations of circuits
  • Ensure there is no furniture in front of electrical panel.   An inspector or electrician should be able to stand directly in front of the panel to access it.
  • All light fixtures should have working bulbs
  • All sockets should have bulbs.  
  • Most other electrical issues are categorized as Deficiencies – another topic!


  • Check your furnace filter – if it’s dirty, change or clean it!
  • If you haven’t had your furnace serviced in the last year, have it done in the cooler seasons.   If you have a gas or oil furnace, you will need to call a TSSA certified furnace technician. Same thing with gas fireplaces.

Air Conditioning

  • If you haven’t had you’re A/C serviced in the last year, have it done in the late spring, or summer.
  • Check the insulation on the lines – if any is torn off, replace it.


  • Ensure eavestroughs are clear of debris
  • Ensure caulking around window and door frames is in good condition.
  • Prune bushes and heavy vegetation away from walls and around any mechanical systems, such as vents, air conditioners, gas meters.
  • Ensure downspouts are secure, intact and discharge at least 6 ft away from foundation.

Stay tuned for a list of Deficiencies to watch out for!

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